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We are your window to the world; helping you to grow sales and market share globally. At The Store Academy, you will get to learn about our market experience with international brands.

We are your window to the world

Helping You to Grow Sales and Market Share Globally


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Here is where we share valuable CASE STUDIES on how we have helped international brands with the following :

(i) new market development,

(ii) business location planning,

(iii) store count expansion / global franchise network management ,

(iv) in-store branding and layout planning, and

(v) fixing challenges in shop operations.



When these hot topics are handled and managed carefully, brand owners experienced an improvement in their overall market brand perception and received feedback from customers on better brand experience. As a result, business grew internationally with higher sales and a larger market share. 

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Disclaimer : If you find yourself in a similar business situation and are eager to attempt to model after our solutions, please take into consideration that the solutions and advice offered to the brand owners are after a deep dive into their needs, wishes and individual business circumstances.

Featured Post


Ladang Emas "Golden Field", finding your business Location, Location, Location) by L. Sally Maitimu


This book titled "Golden Field" is written by L. Sally Maitimu who has had a dozen years of experience in finding business locations. Published in Jakarta by Elex Media Komputindo, the author explains how to find the right business location.

With the introduction written by Bondan Winarno, the book "Ladang Emas" is supported by other experts, such as Roro Sinduretno (Business Expansion Mahadya Group), Bunyamin Gumulya (Director Stop & Go), Lili Mulyadi (General Manager Marketing, Gandaria City), Rissa Soh (Owner Bolu Meranti, Medan), Santa Lee (Director of Star Asia Distributor), and ourselves at The Store Developer P/L - Singapore.

Competition occurs in getting a business location. As we know there are 3 main factors inherent in the success of the retail world, namely Location, Location and Location. Finding the right business location is the same as finding a field that will produce gold (profit). 

The Store Developers P/L was interviewed to give our views about the right business location. We are pleased to share with you what Sally has to say in her book.


It is important to determine whether our business model is a destination for customers (eg salons, bookstores, dental practices, supermarkets, etc.) or for impulse buying. Is it a Mall / shopping center, office buildings, schools, hospitals, housing complex and tourist area.

After determining where our business will be built, for example in the Mall, then we learn more about the market in the mall. Starting from the market behavior (visitor behavior), the number of visitors, who is the manager of the mall, how is the mall parking facilities, whether the mall provides easy access to entry, floor plan mall, who are the big tenants in it, and so forth are described in full in the book "Golden Field".

Courtesy from the author, L. Sally Maitimu. who can be contacted at

The Store Developers