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We are your window to the world; helping you to grow sales and market share globally. At The Store Academy, you will get to learn about our market experience with international brands.

We are your window to the world

Helping You to Grow Sales and Market Share Globally


Thank you for visiting us at The Store Academy.

Here is where we share valuable CASE STUDIES on how we have helped international brands with the following :

(i) new market development,

(ii) business location planning,

(iii) store count expansion / global franchise network management ,

(iv) in-store branding and layout planning, and

(v) fixing challenges in shop operations.



When these hot topics are handled and managed carefully, brand owners experienced an improvement in their overall market brand perception and received feedback from customers on better brand experience. As a result, business grew internationally with higher sales and a larger market share. 

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The Store Developers

Disclaimer : If you find yourself in a similar business situation and are eager to attempt to model after our solutions, please take into consideration that the solutions and advice offered to the brand owners are after a deep dive into their needs, wishes and individual business circumstances.

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Entering into a new mall location requires one to understand shoppers circulation, trade mix and the immediate neighbourhood.

As the mall was not in operation yet, it was difficult for one to witness the most natural flow of shoppers circulation, the final trade mix (what would the surrounding shops be). The only thing that was more easily understandable was that in that quiet neighbourhood, most residents had to travel out to satisfy their eating, shopping and entertainment needs. 

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